Monday, November 14, 2011

2 years of Mafia Wars

(all images in this post are © Zynga Inc.)

While I do feel like a complete failure for not updating my blog for over 1.5 years, here is a sample of what I've been doing in the mean time at Zynga.

This is some of the item artwork I've made. There's plenty more but I think this gets the point across hehe. Each image is 200x200 but was created at either 400x400 or 800x800. There is a mixture of pure photoshop, painted 3D renders, and maybe a few photo mashups. Also, I don't know if it's just late or what, but it looks like blogspot's gallery is ruining the image quality on everything. :\

(to view these images up close, click here)

City specific work:


-properties (stages 1 through 5 - all pieces upgrade individually)

--each building has 5 upgradable interiors, here is a sample of 4 stages of the poker room and 1 of the hotel:

Social job art, leading up to the snoop dogg publicity event:

--properties: concept to final

(I was responsible for building and painting the environment. Karl Espiritu, Claire Marshall, and Gina Van Meurs helped with painting the individual properties)

Having been given the responsibility of leading this project, I was very happy and proud of our team for what we created in such a short span of time.


stage silhouettes for the refinery property

(alternative layout idea)

(final background)

-Misc. images

(a couple characters based on members of the Mafia Wars team)