Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My finals:

Here are the products of my laziness.

First up - the illustration final. To get this into digital form I had to do 2 scans, which were both a bit bright, but close enough - much better than a camera was giving me. This isn't 100% done. I still would like to tighten up the horizon line and a few things here and there, but I also feel like I should move on. Ultimately I am happy with it, and it looks much better in person than on the computer :o

Next, my first reel. Ahhhh the first reel, the one you never wish to show any employer, but ultimately have to make it as a starting block to build from.

And lastly, my model. It seems I need a better computer to actually zbrush real high res stuff, go figure.


Jeff Jackson said...

Kyle this is good stuff you're models are really progressing. I like that you posed the human figure with a little weight. When you have had some down time, let's talk about your illustration. There are some lighting ideas that may benefit this even more.
Keep up the good work, I'll be a proud instructor who'll be sad to see you go of to the real world when you graduate.

jgiambrone said...

nice kyle! the model turned out great and nice variation on color in your painting.