Wednesday, May 27, 2009


One more for now. I think I am going to switch gears and hit the books for a while...

Today I decided to do some 30 minute paintings to see how far I could get... Primarily I found out that it isn't quite enough time (currently) to find the composition, color and concept. I was usually done figuring out the general composition at 10 minutes, color by 20, and sketched for the last 10... They aren't much to look at, but speed is key and worth working towards. I did end up liking the middle one though. Perhaps I'll do this again tomorrow.

This really isn't a landscape, but I liked the thumbnail.

I decided to do some thumbnails today instead of anything real big - though you might be able to tell that I got carried away with one of them. I was so pleased with a brush I made 100% myself that I spent the last 2 spots (E and F) showing it off. You see the brush in F, and what it will do in a couple seconds of painting in E. I used it to block in all of those - I really like the shapes it gives me, and the texture to start a painting.

Small update for now - I've been real busy the last few days with wedding stuff for my friends Keith and Tina (congrats again!!). It's back to work on this stuff for me though.

As it turns out, I may be setting the Dominance War mini challenge off to the side and working on some landscape paintings instead. But we'll see, keep checking the post below this one for updates as I'll just edit the post rather than make another one entirely.

Anyways, here is the first of probably many landscape paintings I will be doing this week and maybe next week. I'm pretty happy with how this first one turned out. I jumped into it head first with a basic value sketch and went from there. Tomorrow I'll do some thumbnails to nail down more unique ideas (hopefully!).


Jeff Jackson said...

Looks good Kyle. This is a very nice example and I can't wait to see more.

Jillian LeNoble said...

I'm a dork, but have you been working with tutorials. And I know I asked you once, but were did you get the brushes again? Maybe I should just go make my own. But I like to draw traditionally.

I think that's my problem.

Kyle Van Meurs said...

Thanks Jeff! I will keep pumping these out - I hope you like em.

Hey Jill. I don't have the link off hand to those brushes you are referring to, but if you want to look it up (or look for that old email I sent ya) check out the artist: m@ on, it should be in his signature.

I haven't been working with tutorials, but if you wanna get a lesson on the kinds of stuff I'm doing here, check out the gnomon DVD: From Speedpainting to Concept Art, with David Levy. It's VERY cool and helpful. It will take you through complex brush creations and simple techniques...

There is nothing wrong with drawing traditionally btw! It is however slower in comparison to digital stuff which does matter a bit.