Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sketches and Studies #2

Worked on some more stuff today. I did quite a bit of drawing from Bridgman - which I'd post for the hell of it if I had a camera - as well as attempting some figure painting studies... I'm actually stealing this idea of painting MMA fighters from a very inspiring artist that I found (here). This guys studies worked for him, so I'm hoping they help me too!

I will note that it was contour traced (outside of figure only) and color sampled - I'm not trying to fool ya. I think the purpose of these will be to give me more knowledge of skin tones, lighting, and most importantly, attempt to make sense out of Bridgman's crazy drawings.


Danny said...

Wow dude, I thought this was just a photoshopped picture until I saw the big version.


~Robert M. said...

Great work man! Your brush strokes really feel like they're wrapping around the anatomy. You're rocking these days! :)

Kyle Van Meurs said...

Thanks guys I appreciate it!