Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to business

Getting back to my portfolio, I put together some images tonight that I will be adding to my website real soon. I'm awaiting to hear if I'm allowed to use some of the work I did for Cloudplay Games (formerly Cast Iron Games). But, I am very pleased to be able to finally show people Shiva from The Offering - the animated short that began it's life a year and a half ago. I cannot wait to see the finished film. On a side note, if anyone with the right access can get me a full shot of him I'd be in your debt!

More to come!

Oh yeah - my Strangers in a Strange Land entry won first place :D

Also, if anyone can recommend a better font to use on my images please help me out!


~Robert M. said...

Brandon should have the renders Mike gave him for the poster. Maybe you can grab the frontal render he used. As always, your stuff looks great, man. :)

Brina said...

That looks great, Kyle! And Congratulations on your first place!