Tuesday, September 29, 2009

something new...

So here is something that is sort of new... hope you like it.

Also a couple things... I just wanted to let my friends know that I am in fact looking for a job now so if you know of anything 2d (maybe even 3d) related, please let me know! I'm mostly interested in full-time but contract is cool too.

More importantly, I'm probably going to be an uncle in a couple hours!! My sister's baby is almost here and I'll probably be scooting off to the hospital again real soon. I can't wait to meet her!

Between being an uncle and looking for a job my plan is to get back into some weekly challenges. Conceptart.org currently has a really awesome CHOW topic but I might miss it this week, we'll see. I'll also be doing their COW (creature of the week) as well... As much as I feel I need to work on my human anatomy, I have probably ignored monsters for a bit too long hehe. Anyways, till next time~



Jillian LeNoble said...

Nice Work! Really getting those colors nailed!

Kyle Van Meurs said...

Thanks Jill!