Monday, January 7, 2008

Designing Henchmen for The Moon

Small update for The Moon sketchbook...

I recently decided on an idea for St. Peter and the Heavenly Hosts that appear in The Moon. Disregarding the religious context that St. Peter appears in, for the story he is kind of the grumpy neighbor from upstairs that comes down to put an end to the party. So I see him as being some sort of a diabolical CEO of what ever space station or colony the story takes place in. At his side of course, are the hosts, his henchmen. Here is the first photoshop of one of the four hosts... the rest are thumbnailed, just not detailed quite yet.

This little guy is inspired partly from the fact that I just read The Hobbit over the winter break :P The painting is by no means finished, but that isn't what this project is all about. I'll update the rest when I get em.


The next Host is here! I'm having a lot of fun drawin' up these guys. I decided not to do a full render this time around since what I did with the dwarf is going to take a little bit more work to do a full line up later on.

I'm happy with where this character is going. I tried to design his body - wings included - to look like a wine glass, which could probably come across a little stronger. I was however ready to run with the 2nd drawing I did (lower left) as I think it looks more henchmen like, but exploring it more was fun.

Another. It comes across unique yet I think still fits together with the other hosts. However, this is maybe the 2nd drawing of him and that's bad! One of the wings was cut off because that was the edge of the paper and I didn't feel like photoshopping it atm. -___-


Name: Jillian LeNoble said...

Hey Kyle,

Thought I'd pop in a leave you a comment. Unfortunately I don't have much to say to you in-regards to your current work since I've told you my views in person. But, I do think you should try out more versions of this guy. For some odd reason and I don't know why, I'd almost like to see some armor type get-up on the guy, or maybe some really silly 16th century French costume. Also, you really do need to pin down your characters more or I guess define them better. You'll always be the king of thumbs, but become the king of finished work as well (and I do not mean this as a slam). We all know what your capable of.


Kyle Van Meurs said...

Thanks Jill.

I think for this particular project though, the finished project is a lot less important than the process, at least thats what has been iterated over and over. I think that's my best excuse for not coming up with real "finished" drawings hehe... but yeah, overall and outside of this project I think you're right.