Sunday, February 24, 2008

In progress: animal blend self portrait sculpture

So this is my maquette (sp?) so far for this assignment. It's meant to be a blend of myself and a polar bear... It has looked like a rat and meerkat so far, but hopefully it will look like a polar bear in the final version :o The hoodie is something I'm trying out... it isn't really working yet but I was hoping it would fill out the silhouette more and make the neck feel heavier while not changing the neck anatomy radically.

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Star said...

My advice is that it's better to maintain human anatomy and bear anatomy to themselves. I see what you are attempting, which is coming across as mixed anatomy. Have you seen the music video to Bjork's song Hunter. Really great transitioning between human and bear. Her features maintain her own so she is recognizable until the bear takes over completely, then we can tell it's her based of disposition.

Hope it helps.

My constructive criticism, the hood seems to stiff to be fabric. Perhaps, if you want to include your personal style, let the hood have personality.