Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is this working?

So I created a business card real quick tonight and I'd like to know what people think. Due to me buying the wrong paper tonight at Officemax I won't be printing till tomorrow or so, so if by some odd chance someone sees this before then - let me know if it works! Thanks.

This is best viewed without clicking on it, so you can see the white border (if your browser window has the default white background)


jgiambrone said...

i like the design but its a little busy. i was always told (back in graphic design school) less is more!!!! try cutting down the info on the card to about half. it will be more visually pleasing.

Kyle Van Meurs said...

Alright thanks Joe. I'm going to go ahead and delete that middle part about graduating etc. It was really only there because I lacked some other things at Siggraph :|