Thursday, August 28, 2008

Actually working.

So I did almost nothing today... I reposed him a bit, turned his head slightly, tilted it more. Raised his right arm, straightened it a bit. I then shifted his torso over slightly to get his weight over his right leg more. I think some of it reads better, although the tilt to his head makes him look borderline retarded at certain angles. I really need to get an anatomy crit before moving forward with smaller details :\ What to do, what to do...

Fewer noticeable changes today... I modeled the teeth/gums/tongue as well as some bandages around his left leg. I also slightly reposed the left arm and gave much better gesture to the hand. I also decided to try rendering with a black background and thought it looked pretty cool.

Update: Starting to block out the scene and give the guy some of his stuff! I designed the weapon as if the Ogre tore a tree out of the ground and fastened a blade to the end of it. I think it was a cool idea, the execution could probably use some work though. Also added a belt, but the cloth has yet to be sculpted so it looks a bit plain.

Overall it's going well IMO, and I can't wait to actually get to sculpting higher res detail - right now all the muscle detail I can get is dependent on my loops and a reasonably low poly wire frame. I also want to push the gesture a lot more if I can...

So I've actually been working on stuff lately even though I haven't posted anything. Lately I was doing some contract work for a local game company doing models that will be used as pre-rendered sprites for their game. They are currently in stealth mode so I won't post any of the work, but it was fun and a good experience.

Here is something else I've been working up when I have had the time. This is the ogre from 2 posts down. Mostly he's lookin' cool but his pose and style still need a lot of tweaks (which consequently lead to countless anatomy tweaks).

(his right arm in the last image will have some strange creases, that's a result of posing a model and will be ironed out.)

Let me know what you think! Thanks!


jgiambrone said...

good stuff kyle! i'm working on my WW2 guy (will post picks soon). i'm curious to why you decided to pose him before detail sculpting and texturing? shouldn't that be after your done?

Kyle Van Meurs said...

Well my goal was to just get him posed and do high res sculpting. TBH I have no plans of texturing him. I've heard companies don't care all that much if a modeler can texture, although it is nice - it would just delay my reel even further.