Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WIP movie

A WIP turn-around. The biggest issue with the model when I last posted, was that it was just an ogre-like figure. That is already cliche, so I need to work the scene to make it memorable otherwise it will probably be a wasted slot in my reel. I don't know if my direction is working, so any comments are helpful, but my idea is to add kittens to the scene to show that this big fat ogre is really a softie and that he is protecting them from some outside enemy (which I may need to hint at).

Well this turned out to be really low quality, but I'll leave it up for now. Heres an image as well.

That ground texture sure is hurting up close...


jgiambrone said...

i know orcs are cliche but nice model dude. keep up the good work.

Kyle Van Meurs said...

Thanks Joe! I really appreciate it.

Jillian LeNoble said...

This is looking really good. Love the additive of the cute little kitty. But I just like animals so what can I say.

Is this still in sub-D's? Looks like your gonna (or are) pumping allot of polly's.

I'm sure once you've Z-Brushed it, it'll be one top notch portfolio piece.

Michael Panov said...

Nice one dude! Cool concept, even if it is an orc... I read an interview with the girl who does all the creature designs for Starwars, she said "if i see another orc in a demo reel..." hehehe!

I say you can probably get a more interesting render out of this if you use less sharp shadows. Try putting your main light as a large area light far away from your scene, so you get nice soft shadows. Maybe do an ambient occlusion pass as well to darken in those areas between the rocks etc. Just more contrast overall in the image would be welcomed!

Looks awesome man!