Friday, November 30, 2007

Illustration final - coming up with ideas:

The semester is almost over, and that means it's time for finals! I'm so excited! hah :P I'm going to post as much as I can of my thumbnail ideas and sketches for my final illustration project. Again, not sure how many people actually check my site, but for me to see it all together might help. This post will be updated with more progress as I go.

First up, and an idea I've been wanting to illustrate since I did the concept as a sculpture, are the Sirens. This is a "quick" sketch that I painted before bed, and I may very well wake up tomorrow and wonder why the hell I posted it. But for right now, I'm tired and I think it's looking pretty cool. I'm a little disappointed with how little I pushed the color, I should be better by now, argh... anyways, more to come.

And another... Not sure how I'm liking this one. It was an interesting idea but really hard to make work. It really needs 1 more scene to tell a complete story, even as simple as it is. Of course it's just a value comp as I wasn't going to mess with trying to come up with the idea + color at the same time :P

One more update... I had to go with the sirens as my fall back. I thought we had one more week this semester so things are getting really crazy. This photoshop isn't finished, but due to the lack of time I'm just gonna move onto the real deal and wing the rest.

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