Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sketchbook Pages

For going on 2 months now, myself as well as a few other current and graduated Cogswell students have been working on a sketchbook which is to be presented at Comicon 08'. The project was put together by two instructors, Jeff Jackson and Dave Perry. Our task is to interpret and conceptualize the Grimms Fairytale The Moon (which you can read here). Things are still in the early stages, but I thought I'd share with who ever actually knows about my blog what I have been doing so far. I'm not going to narrate these images, just know it is a lot of thumbnails (quick ideas). Most of the characters are for the 4 'brothers' or siblings as I'm going to go about it. The small blocky head dudes are going to be my interpretation of the undead, and of course the 2 old guys are labeled as St. Peter.

It really isn't that important to mention this, but it is an effort for me to go for more of a cartoony look. This isn't my native drawing style but it is a fun process and you definitely have a lot of freedom to come up with cool and interesting things.

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