Thursday, November 29, 2007

Model progress...

So this model is coming together now... I've almost got every bit of him blocked in with the exception of 2 pieces of clothing. It's looking pretty cool, but without any high res detail or textures it is still pretty far from realizing the concept. By the way, I don't know why this image is forcing you to download it and not opening like all the others in a new window - strange.

I'm also gonna share a progression clip I made for one of the masks. I actually did this for all of em except for the one on his head :\ but since the one with horns is the most interesting right now, I'll just post that one. :D I did this by setting up the render early on, so while working I could do some quick renders at unique stages and then compile those jpeg's together using Movie Maker. This is a pretty effortless task that gives a really cool insight into how the model was made.

That's it for now. Ideally this model will be finished (modeled + high res sculpt) in about 2 weeks... Ouch, time to get working.

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